What is the difference between http and https on the URL bar ?

In the age of IT, HTTP or HTTPS eg- ( HTTPS: // w ww.ictdirectory.com.mm ) on the Website URL Bar, one that everyone familiar with using a website will notice me tell you what the difference is between the two. Now, when it comes to HTTP and HTTPS, the first thing to mention is their long name.

HTTP just Hypertext Transfer protocols onto HTTPS just what HTTP SSL 5 TSL 5 cryptographic protocols from ghost HTTPS then straight. These protocols are responsible for transferring information between the web server and the web browser.

HTTP plain text more difficult Easy drive Transfer rate Turks more manna HTTPS just the Web server so 5 Web Browser encryption keys Location. Tak Mo Security HTTPS It is only measured by book Location. Although only one s is different, there is a big difference in security.

Plain text Key manna Transfer Rate white simply has not missed at the HTTP cryptographic protocols then Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). No specific ‘ Online Shopping’ Alibaba 5 5 Amazon online shopping portals at the 5 items. Tak matter what January Check-out URL address bar HTTP Location.

This is done by using HTTPS to protect against unwanted website hacking issues for the security of your customers ‘ data during the data transfer process. HTTP manna HTTPS other take him Panyandaw country missed Website Q. Love I love the Republic ( Government Website IFV of ) HTTP onto HTTPS recommendation.