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How to factory reset HTC One M9

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That shiny HTC One M9 won’t stay new forever! At some point it will encounter issues or you will be ready to upgrade and sell it. You best perform a factory reset before you hand it over to its next owner. It’s the best way to keep your information private and secure.

Wiping your device pretty much deletes everything in your phone and leaves the software the way it was the first time you turned the device on. This means you should definitely back all your data up before doing this. Oh, and this usually fixes a lot of problems the device may pick up over time, so the casual factory reset definitely doesn’t hurt.

There are two ways to do this. The first we like to call a soft reset, which is done by simply using the phone’s settings and software options. This is the easiest way to do things, but sometimes phones don’t work and for some reason you can’t access its settings. This is when you should do a hard reset, which is done by using hardware button combinations and/or recovery mode.

How to soft reset HTC One M9
Turn your device on and unlock it.
Open your Settings app.

Select “Backup & reset”.
Tap on “Reset phone”.
You can select to “Erase SD card”, if you want.

Tap OK.
Let the phone do its thing and voila! You are done.
How to hard reset HTC One M9

Turn your device off.
Press and hold the Volume Up, Home and Power buttons simultaneously.
Let go once the HTC logoo shows up.

This should launch recovery mode, from which you can use the volume buttons to navigate and the power button to select.
Select “Wipe data / factory reset”.

Select “Yes — delete all user data”.
After this the phone will do its thing for a while. Let it work and then select “Reboot system now”.

You are done!

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