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Samsung: Foldable Smartphone More Compact Than Galaxy Fold Soon in Production

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Samsung would prepare a new 6.7-inch folding smartphone that would not fold in the same direction as the Galaxy Fold. This would make the product more compact than its predecessor in its folded shape.

Since we started talking about folding smartphones, we often hear about the desire to finally merge the phone and the tablet.

The idea is appealing and the technological prowess is impressive. Samsung’s Galaxy Fold, for example, despite some setbacks, necessarily attracts a lot of attention and holds a wealth of promise for the future.

But there are still some questions…

We explained in a dedicated dossier that, until now, the folding smartphones unveiled were rather tablets capable of folding in on themselves and we thought it would be interesting to have smartphones in more traditional formats that could be transformed into a very small and compact phone.

Production Expected Soon

etnews also writes that the first components such as the display would be ready for production as early as November while the folding smartphone in question would be ready by the end of the year or early 2019.

This type of folding flap smartphone would be considered by Motorola, which could revive its Razr range.

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