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Samsung Galaxy S10E vs OnePlus 6t – It’s closer than you think

Oneplus 6t Vs Galaxy S10e 02

Affordable flagship smartphones are starting to define the midrange segment and for good reason. Smartphones have been good enough for most for a few generations now, upgrade cycles are getting longer and the difference between the premium, flagship, and midrange is getting smaller and smaller.

OnePlus defined its place in the market as a Flagship killer, a smartphone brand focused on providing high specs at a lower price. Samsung’s Galaxy S10 line is all about living in the premium market segment. This is meant to be a step above Flagship setting itself apart with more refined features and of course I price point that hurts the wallet.

What is interesting for me is that the more direct competition with the OnePlus 6t is the S10, but the difference in price forces me to look at the S10E.

The OnePlus6t costs 550EUR, the Galaxy S10 899EUR and the S10E 749EUR. I’ve been calling the S10E the budget version mentally comparing it to midrange phone because I find the design and features average when in reality it’s a high-end price point.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each device before we dive into the details.

There is no doubt that the value of the OnePlus 6t is phenomenal, you get a winning design, blazing fast experience whatever you do using the phone and solid battery life. The downside is that it isn’t water resistant, doesn’t have wireless charging and no headphone jack (which is less of a problem these days). Then there is the camera which I believe is on par in most instances with the S10E.

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