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Spotlight Form: The Classroom Incident Report

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When a classroom incident occurs, the last thing a teacher has time for is paperwork. By digitizing your organization’s Classroom Incident Report, teachers can rapidly and thoroughly document behavioral incidents and instantly route them to school administration for review. Once submitted, your organization’s administrators (e.g. a principal or their support staff) can review and process classroom incident details in real-time – providing immediate context to reported incidents and eliminating opportunities for miscommunication.

Leveraging digital organization tools – like Automatic Tagging, instant form uploads to connected applications, and automated database updates – administrators can seamlessly organize behavioral forms by child, classroom, or department. Using the GoFormz Reporting Tool, teachers, counselors, and administrators can analyze behavioral trends, granting further insight into a student’s behavioral history and more.

Key fields & features

Date fields – Generate Classroom Incident Reports pre-filled with the current Date and Time.

Digital Signature boxes – Allow teachers and principals to easily input their Signature, confirming they have reviewed an Incident Report’s details. Digital Signature boxes can also be used to capture a Parent/Guardian Signature, noting they received the full report and have spoken with their child.

Image fields – Capture visual incident details using your device’s camera.

Text fields – Include a full description of the classroom incident and provide suggestions for ‘next steps’.

Automated Tagging – Instantly Tag completed Incident Reports with a student’s name, a teacher’s name, and more, drastically simplifying and accelerating organization and form location.

To learn more about how GoFormz can improve your classroom’s data capture, record-keeping, and form completion, check out the top ten digital teacher forms here.

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