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Temporary face tattoos are popular among couples

For those who are worried about getting tattooed, scared of the skin, or just want to get rid of it, the temporary tattoos are now on display – this temporary tattoo looks like no other tattoo – a temporary face tattoo for someone who loves to make a permanent portrait of a French artist. Created by Lise Grossmann.

“Grossmann created her clientele in 2008, and since then her popularity has grown. This work has become a business. I like to look at people’s faces and design, we have two eyes, one nose and one mouth, and hair, but each face is different, and it’s a challenge for me to create such a detailed image. “I love her job.”

People who have couples can create temporary tattoos as long as they are in love with each other, and FAs can create images of your pet’s pet .Gossmann can create such images, not just portraits. You need to pay.

Grossmann will draw the picture and then send it back to the customer, who will not be able to add the image as a permanent tag.


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