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A small island in Italy that will cut half of the airfares and hotel fees

Italy is one of the countries in the world where the outbreak is toppling. With such a large influx of tourists and the now open season, it will not hurt the state’s revenue. However, the situation was even 2 feet apart. They had to leave 3 feet away.

A small island in southern Italy has been making plans for a very viable business while the quarantine period is set around the world.

This is a plan to reduce travel costs and accommodation for those coming to Sicily. Air fares will be cut in half and hotel fees will be reduced by a third.

The Sicily slave has been shutting down at least $ 1 million in tourism as a result of the closure of the March 10 slave market. As a result, authorities and businessmen have agreed to such a plan to promote tourism.

However, the epidemic has not cleared up so far, but it is not yet clear what the exact date will be. For more information on the discount and travel options, the island’s official website will provide details.


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